General terms and conditions

VENUS CONSULTING KFT as the operator of VIPBUS.HU (“VIPBUS.HU”) hires its own vehicles on request with drivers employed by VIPBUS.HU  on the below conditions.

VIPBUS.HU hires the rental vehicle (“rental car”) determined in the rental contract to the customer on the following conditions:

I. General conditions

I.1. The customer can be either a natural person or a legal entity, but the contract must be signed by a responsible natural person.

I.2. The parties are mutually bound by the terms and conditions as well as by the rental contract. Not complying with the rental contract involves the immediate termination of the said contract as well as the full liability for compensation of the defaulting party.

I.3. The customer acknowledges the authenticity of all the data registered in the rental contract by approving of the contract (through booking by phone and/or online form)

I.4. Any modification to the rental contract must exclusively be declared in written form.


II. Use of the rental car

II.1. The rental car must be driven exclusively by the person named by Rental Agreement.

II.2. Documents needed: an authorized written booking form and an authorized signature in case of companies; ID card or passport in case of private persons.

II.3. The rental contract is deemed valid if the customer complies with the conditions described above and if the contract is approved by both the customer and the VIPBUS.HU.

II.4. The customer is entitled to the previously booked journey with the rental car.

II.5. The customer is obliged to comply with the present terms and conditions throughout the journey.


III. Time period of the rental

III.1. The rental contract is always for a fixed term.

III.2. In case of early delivery by the customer, they are not entitled to any rental or other fee refunds by the rental company.

III.3. Extension of the rental period is only possible by obtaining the approval of the rental company in advance. Charges for the extended period are determined individually in each case.

VIPBUS.HU must be notified of the desired extension of the rental period at least 8 hours before the rental period’s end, extension must be first granted by VIPBUS.HU.


IV. Terms of the rental

Written/online booking or booking via phone. Booking process: The customer fills out the online or paper-based booking form, VIPBUS.HU confirms it in writing, thus finalizing the booking. Bookings made over telephone will also be confirmed in writing.

V. Rental fees are determined by the fares valid at the time of contracting or by the individual agreement reached by the customer and VIPBUS.HU.

The pre-fixed rental fee must be paid in advance to the beginning of the rental period.

The costs registered in the rental contract cover the rental fee, the payment of the driver, the standby periods of the itinerary as registered in the contract for the whole interval of the journey, operation costs of the vehicle, fuel costs, parking fees. The customer does not pay any other fees beyond the rental fee registered in the contract.


VI. The customer accepts sole responsibility for compensating damages of the rental car caused by the customer.


VII. Behaviour and liability of the customer

VII.1. The customer is obliged to take care of the rental car and to deliver it in the same condition as collected.

VII.2. Transport of animals and hazardous substances in the rental car during the rental period is prohibited.

VII.3. The customer accepts full responsibility for their travel documents and luggage in case of border control or other checking.

VIII. In case of hire without a driver, the Lessee shall pay a deposit of HUF 200,000 prior to the rental. In case of rental without loss, the Lessor shall repay the amount of the deposit within 3 days.

Emergency phone number:

+36 308190949

Legal disputes

Any other points not detailed in the present contract will be judged by the effective regulations of the Civil Code.

The customer hereby declares that they have read the General Terms & Conditions, the rental contract and the rental fee list, acknowledged their content and accepts responsibility for consequences of not complying with the above documents.


The General Terms and Conditions are valid until withdrawal.



20 April 2016

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